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Wedding Day video DVD in deluxe padded Bride & Groom Album with designer photo DVD of 500+ digitally mastered wedding images.
Wedding Day Video DVD in deluxe padded Bride & Groom Album with designer photo DVD of 500+ digitally mastered Wedding Day images.

Wedding Videography


Your photo and video wedding journalists are BOTH right here at Wedding Photographics. We work together as a team to properly document your Wedding Day.

Many photographers desire to capture emotion - but a still camera does not capture the tone of someone's voice and the break in a father's voice as he proudly bestows his blessings on the marriage of his daughter or son. The emotions genuinely expressed in the voices of family and friends as they wish their best for the newlyweds or a best friend getting choked up during a toast cannot be captured in a photograph. Moreover, some wedding venues do not allow flash photography or even distracting camera sounds during the Ceremony. It is very easy for us to continue working for you by shooting video exclusively during these times while the conventional pro photographer would have little if anything to do for you. This also saves you time from reenacting so that photographer would be able to stage Ceremony shots. By our shooting video during the Ceremony, you may go to your reception sooner. Reenacting the Ceremony for photographs is not photojournalism.

Wedding Photographics offers you a complete multimedia solution by shooting both video and photography. While a videographer may require you to pay for two video camera coverage, your Wedding Photographics team is able to provide you complete coverage by shooting both video and still as a team with a shared creative vision - we are able to combine both into a single creative and coherent video production of your special day. Beautiful photographs throughout your album and video to hear and see the exchange of wedding vows, best wishes from family and friends and so much more.

We provide up to one hour of computer edited video shot during the eight hours of your Wedding Day photographic coverage featuring all main events and candid spontaneous moments between the bride and groom and friends incorporating music, still photographs, transitional effects, interactive menus and more. You will receive two copies of your wedding on DVDs in deluxe padded album for bride and groom. Additional designer video DVDs of the Wedding Day are provided to each set of parents.

We can save you the expense, time and trouble of hiring an independent videographer while providing you the option of using the money saved for an elegant and breathtaking Bride's Album. You still get a wonderful Wedding Day video AND a beautiful wedding album at a competitive price since you may acquire both from the same vendor.

Video short samples below presented in broadband mode flash format.




Displaying a large engagement and/or bridal portrait is very popular on the Wedding Day. For this reason we make any one or two of our portrait display easels available for free loan to our clients. A 16x20 textured, lacquered, mounted and framed portrait like the one in the video above priced at only $70.00.


Your Wedding Photographics photographer and videographer team coordinate their efforts to avoid unnecessary double and overshooting which is basically what happens when an independent photographer and independent videographer each have their own job to do - costly overshooting, especially when there are two video cameras shooting the same thing your photographer team have already set up and shot. The independent videographer and independent photographer do NOT work as a team planning and coordinating your photography and video needs as a single project. The shooting each does is NOT a joint collaboration. The independent photographer and independent videographer do not work together and often spend the Wedding Day expending energy and losing time trying to stay out of each other's way while double shooting as each shoots to create their own product.

The independent videographer and photographer do not arrange a meeting with one another before the Wedding Day to plan video and still shooting which may be combined together into a coherent story telling video/still production like we do here at Wedding Photographics. Nor do the two of them or either one of them sit down with the bride to find out her preferences for video footage and professional still photography being coherently combined into a meaningful story telling production. Furthermore, the bride does not have to obligate herself to any wedding album until she has personally viewed her photo DVDs of 300+ digitally mastered 13 megapixel images and her Wedding Day video DVD. After viewing these she may then choose a custom designed album with photographs she selects which best compliments her video in telling her Wedding Day Story. Naturally, her custom designed album is available to her at a very special price to complete her package.


You may carefully inspect each of your images from your engagement, bridal portrait and Wedding Day designer photo DVDs enlarged to 36" long by 20" high on hi-definition 42" plasma flat widescreen monitor and also view your Wedding Day video before you leave the studio.
You may carefully inspect each of your images from your engagement, bridal portrait and Wedding Day designer photo DVDs enlarged to 36" long by 20" high on hi-definition 42" plasma flat widescreen monitor and also view your Wedding Day video before you leave the studio.


It is especially easy for photographers who specialize in "wedding photojournalism" to shoot video since video is inherently shot even less unobtrusively and without intervention and direction than still camera photography. This provides your photographer/videographer team the opportunity to combine both mediums into a single fantastic Wedding Day Story telling package!

- Wedding Photographer John Wilson

By having a photographer and videographer team who always work together in unison with a clear vision of how their images will eventually be used together in the production of a coherent wedding package, you receive a better quality photography and video package and even at a lower cost since there is less editing and post-production necessary since the team worked together and with one shared photo/video package in mind while shooting.


When it is at all possible, it is best to hire a photographer and videographer who always work together as a team with every wedding they shoot. The advantages to you are very numerous. Having two photographers who alternately shoot video throughout your Wedding Day enables us to produce a wedding video for you which rivals some videographers 2 and 3 video camera productions . . . at a substantial savings which you may apply towards a great bride's album.

Our wedding photography customers who would like to add Wedding Day videography coverage by John shooting with one video camera may use the payment button below to conveniently add video. Please review the Video Addendum (PDF) below which will be added to your wedding photography contract. We will call you to confirm your order and talk about your video needs with you. For convenience, the video addendum may be faxed to 423-553-7360 after you have signed. We will fax our signed copy back to you. During your 2nd consultation with us a few weeks before the Wedding Day is the best time to include more detailed discussions about your videography.

Non-Refundable Wedding Videography Fee $900.00


Video Addendum to Wedding Photography ContractVideo Addendum to Wedding Photography Contract



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