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Wedding Photographics has a $500 non-refundable retainer fee for the wedding date. The full amount must be paid no later than 30 days before the wedding date. If your wedding date has to be cancelled for some reason, you owe nothing else! And if you've paid in advance for any wedding albums and any other products not yet provided to you, we will refund those payments. The $500 retainer fee is for TWO photographers.

We guarantee to have the full resolution, custom retouched and copyright released wedding images in your DVD Package ready for pick-up within 30 business days. If your DVD Package is not completed and ready for pick-up within 30 days, we will provide DVD Package to you at NO CHARGE and we will refund $500.00 payment for DVD Package back to you. Your DVD Package consists of one deluxe double DVD album for the bride & groom with DVD copies of wedding and two deluxe single DVD albums with one DVD of wedding per DVD album. Wedding photography albums are guaranteed to be completed and ready for pick-up within 30 business days after you have provided all photo selections to us and after you have approved all album page designs. In the event we do not have your albums ordered ready for pick-up within 30 business days, we must provide your ordered album(s) to you at NO CHARGE and must refund advanced payments for your album(s) to you.

You may pay the retainer fee using the PayPal link below. May be paid in $100 increments together with cash (in person so we may provide immediate receipt) and/or with check(s). Credit card fees are the responsibility of client. We have a flat rate 3% credit card processing fee. You may pay by cash and/or check to avoid credit card fees. When paying by cash and/or check, sales tax is not added until very last payment on your photography package. WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS.

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