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Cynthia Howell Stationery and Gifts

"Let your paper speak for you"


Cynthia Howell Stationery and Gifts


John & Cherry very highly recommend Cynthia Howell Stationery & Gifts for all your Wedding Day printing needs. They have a room dedicated to the specific needs of the bride.






There really is a "Cynthia Howell".  About 10 years ago, she started a lovely gift shop but when her husband was transferred to Seattle, she sold the business to Catharine Daniels and Barbarnelle Rowe.  They built the imprintable stationery business and added many wonderful children's things.  After seven years, they were ready for new challenges and we bought the business. 

Cynthia Howell Over the years, the name "Cynthia Howell" has been synonymous with high quality, personalized service, and the very best selection of both custom and imprintable invitations and stationery so we saw no need to change the name. 

Today, Cynthia Howell Stationery & Gifts represents over 100 different paper and gift lines so you are assured of a wide selection. Our dedicated employees strive to exceed your expectations with friendly and knowledgeable service.

Let us help you set the tone for your event! Let your paper speak for you.

Ronna-Renee Jackson, Mariele Jones and
the staff at Cynthia Howell Stationery & Gifts


Telephone: 423-266-2667

Fax: 423-266-2676

1310 Hanover Street

Chattanooga, TN 37405


Store Hours: 
Tuesday - Friday 10 - 6, Saturday 10 - 4
or by appointment for busy brides!


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Cynthia Howell Location


Be sure to tell Ronna-Renee and Mariele that John sent you!

When you purchase your beautiful wedding invitations from Cynthia Howell and retain Wedding Photographics to photograph your Wedding Day, you will be provided a FREE 16x20 framed, textured and mounted wall portrait of your choice from your Wedding Day! Coupon (505KB Download)

You will also receive a 10% discount off your bridal stationery purchase of $100 or more when you choose us to photograph your Wedding Day!




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