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Website Design & Business Consultation for Professional Photographers & Studios



Photography consultant and studio website designer John Wilson.You want a website that will work hard for your business by increasing your bottom line. It's that plain and simple.

As you can see here on the Wedding Photographics website, I am also a photographer.

I charge a flat fee of $800 to custom design your website for you which includes coding for maximum placement in search engines. You won't be disappointed. I will say it again, if you ever feel that the website I have designed for you is not fulfilling my promise to you, than you only have to cancel my services. No lengthy contract obligation. I will also provide you up to one hour of telephone consultation and several email consultations.

I will NOT accept a website design assignment unless I'm convinced the website will work hard for your business by accomplishing the goals you want it to and that I promise you it will achieve. Otherwise, you will cancel my webmaster and hosting services. So here I need to point out one very important feature of a successful and hard-working website - it COMMUNICATES! It educates, informs and entertains your potential customers and helps them distinguish you from your competitors. Without a marketing message and effectively communicating it, you would just end up with another pretty website - which is also pretty useless. Your website MUST include communication which motivates visitors to act. It must communicate the benefits to your site visitors why they should do business with you and why it is to their advantage to do business with you right now.

Thanks to the Wedding Photographics website, I acquire about 90% of all my photography inquiries. Furthermore, the Wedding Photographics website with all the information it presents helps make my inquiries very serious inquiries. I book 35 weddings and turn away about 15 each year because we just can't handle that much workload. A well designed, coded & great content website will work hard for your business and WILL pay for itself many times over - every year.

If you offer a variety of services and products like I do you might want to consider having more than one website. I will discuss this option with you if you wish for your consideration.

Please don't waste my time and yours if you are not serious about internet marketing and don't have the money and some time to invest in a properly planned & executed internet marketing campaign for the benefit of your photography business. Thank you for your interest in my services.


John Wilson



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