DVD with all the full resolution custom processed images of your Wedding Day available for family and friends. Just $35.00

When our clients order the archival Gold DVD Package of full resolution, custom retouched and copyright released wedding images, all your family and friends may also purchase copies on a designer DVD package as pictured above. Only $35.00. However, we also offer online proofs with the wedding photography collection. This way family and friends may order only the photographs they would like to have.

The advantages to the bride are numerous:

First, when family and friends know they can get ALL the pictures we take for only $35, this helps keep the bride & groom from getting tired of smiling for pictures for everyone else. We don't want the bride & groom tired of smiling in their professional photographs.

Secondly, when the bride has retained us to shoot a lot of journalistic style photography, there is no photographer who can deliver a lot of great journalistic style photography when the bride & groom are standing around a lot posing for pictures being taken by family and friends! Your professional photographers need the bride & groom to be actively involved enjoying their big day with family and friends so the photographers may discreetly capture many great candid moments as they would otherwise naturally unfold.

Third, when family and friends are taking pictures, this slows down your professional photographers from taking pictures as we wait for all the amateurs to get their shots of the poses we set up.

Fourth, when an amateur photographer fires off a flash from somewhere just when we were capturing a GREAT candid shot, that shot can be RUINED by the flash! It is always very easy to shoot another shot of a posed formal. But capturing great spontaneous candid shots CANNOT be redone . . . the moment of genuine interaction, smiles, laughter, love in the eyes, emotion - is lost forever when some amateur's flash fires off over-exposing or casting harsh shadows across someone's face in our otherwise professional journalistic images.

Lastly, often times when family and friends are taking pictures, they are out and about the venue with the people who are suppose to be waiting their turn to get their photographs done by us. When this happens, we have to wait for them to return to the pre-arranged formal portrait area. Sometimes this situation can cause your photographer and everyone else to run late to the reception. This is rude to the guests who are already there waiting and it can cost extra money to have the venue stay open longer to compensate for running late.

Just $35.00 includes shipping and handling of the Wedding Day DVD package to everyone who wants a lot of great photographs at a great price! Family and friends should also know we are happy to shoot special requests during the course of the Wedding Day.