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Gallery 17


These wedding photographs were shot at Brainerd United Methodist Church and at the Read House in Chattanooga. Professional photography in and around the wedding party is not allowed during the Ceremony since any photographer trying to do so would become a major distraction. We shot from the back balcony using a telephoto lens and the existing lighting. The major Ceremony events were re-staged after the Ceremony for closer views. Click on the video screen to start download. When download completes, hit the Play button. This is a simple 23 second video showing John at work shooting a bridal close-up. Click the screen of the downloaded video to see the bridal portrait John created.

Video of wedding photographer working at bridal portrait shoot on location.


Unity Candles Bride's bouquet. Tender moment just before Ceremony - but no peeking at each other allowed.
Bride relaxing before walking down the aisle.

Read House downtown Chattanooga

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