We offer digital backgrounds for creativity and for the convenience of our customers. When schedules make it too difficult to reschedule on a day with bad weather or its just too hot and/or humid, we can shoot "outdoor" portraits in the studio. (The short and tall portrait easels on the right are available for free loan if you would like to display 16" x 20" or larger framed portraits on your Wedding Day).

The large green screen and props which compliment the digital background enables us to envelope you in a beautiful outdoor scene when the actual weather outdoors is terrible for portraits. We have hundreds of digital backgrounds available as well as about a hundred backgrounds featuring beautiful local areas.

The portrait below was shot in the middle of December in the studio. Some of our clients live abroad and will not be in the Chattanooga area until a few days before their Wedding Day. So digital backgrounds also enable us to shoot great looking outdoors portraits in the comfort of the studio with any season of your choice. This may even be more important when you desire outdoor shots in your favorite season to be placed on your panoramic signature mat.

Shot in our studio in the middle of December.