Digging Deeper: Engagement & Bridal Portrait Sessions

You may select from hundreds of digital backgrounds to create exceptional studio style portraits.Of course, John and Cherry don't require you to have the engagement and bridal sessions. They are known for their flexibility and options. However, having your engagement and bridal sessions benefit you in many ways.

It gives the photographer(s) you have booked for your wedding the time to study you photographically - to learn the angles to show your best. Sometimes we will step back and allow the two of you to forget we're in the background. We watch the two of you spending time together in love. Our aim is to capture your genuine smiles and spontaneous moments together. Then when your Wedding Day arrives, we know better than anyone else how to capture the two of you in your wedding photographs.

Engagement and Bridal Portrait Sessions Priced at $200 Each.

Your engagement session may take up to two hours and there is one clothing change. Your bridal portrait session may take up to two hours. We will shoot at two different outdoor locations for each of these sessions when desired and at no extra charge as long as both locations are in Chattanooga.

Your engagement and bridal portrait sessions also provide a great opportunity for you to hang out with your photographers. These sessions gives us all the opportunity to get to know each other better and get more comfortable around one another. Come your Wedding Day, you will be more relaxed and comfortable with us as we photographically document your day.

With each session we will set-up approximately 12 to 20 poses from which you receive 60 to 80 images. The images shot of your engagement and bridal portrait sessions will be provided to you on designer photo DVDs after they have all been custom processed. Don't forget your engagement photographs may be incorporated into your magazine style wedding album or into a hardcover engagement photo book. Enga

Engagement portrait session may include portraits of family and bridal party participants as well as pets. Only the bride may be photographed for the bridal portrait session.

During your engagement and bridal portrait sessions, we will show you the images as they are shot. Please feel free to tell us if you don't like a pose, facial expressions etc. This can save you time from rescheduling another shoot. If the ground is wet from rain we will not be able to do any casual poses on the ground - all poses will be standing. We recommend outdoor sessions after a couple days of good weather have passed. It may also be best to avoid hot and very humid days. Please express any concerns you may have about how you want to be photographed - or not photographed.

You may view some of our digital backgrounds at Digital Backgrounds. We would like our clients to preview the digital backgrounds available to help make sure clothing colors and styles are coordinated with our backgrounds to pre-plan some exceptional portraits. When it comes to indoor portraiture, we want to plan the creation of one-of-a-kind great portraits if you decide to have us create indoor portraits for you.

30 Days Before Your Wedding Day: Usually around the time of your last fitting we recommend doing your bridal portraits. Your bridal portrait session also provides you the opportunity to test your hair and make-up before your Wedding Day. You will get to see how your hair and make-up looks in photographs so you will have an opportunity to change something before your big day. If your dress bustles, you may get to test that in photographs. If you want, we can provide you another bridal portrait session with your new hair and/or make-up changes to make sure everything is perfect! No, there is no extra charge simply because we sincerely want to make sure you love all your bridal portraits. Thirty days before your Wedding Day also makes sure we have plenty of time to get your bridal portraits back in time for displaying on your Wedding Day.

Waiting until your Wedding Day for us to do your bridal portraits can leave you feeling rushed and anxious. If for some reason you run late, we could easily lose the appropriate amount of time needed to shoot your bridal properly. We especially just do not want you feeling rushed and anxious. This could easily show in your portraits. Also if weather does not permit any outdoor bridal portraits on your Wedding Day, we would be restricted to a few indoor locations at your wedding venue. Again, if we don't have the time we need, we may not have the time to move you to different locations within the venue. Also, the lighting at the wedding venue may not be flattering. Just in case, someone should be appointed long before your Wedding Day who knows how to control the venue lighting so we might have a chance to get the best lighting for your bridal portraits. But if this person runs late or just doesn't make it for some reason beyond their control, it can become more difficult and time consuming to create beautiful bridal portraits for you at your wedding venue. Of course, when you have your bridal portraits done before your Wedding Day, this gives us more time on your Wedding Day to spend photographing the wedding party, family, friends and the bride with the groom. The time of your bridal portrait session may also be a convenient time to pick up your framed panoramic signature mat and for us to sit down to discuss your Wedding Day timeline.

Displaying a large engagement and/or bridal portraits is very popular on the Wedding Day. For this reason we make any one or two of our portrait display easels available for free loan to our clients.

If you want your bridal portraits shot at home, we will bring our multi-flash portable studio equipment to help ensure you of beautiful indoor bridal portraits. No extra charge for this service. We just want for you to have beautiful bridal portraits which shows you in the comfortable and relaxed familiar surroundings of home.


Our engagement and bridal portrait sessions are also available to those who have not booked us to photograph the wedding day. We just require a $20 non-refundable retainer to reserve the day and time. The retainer is applied towards DVD package with the remaining balance of $180 being due at the end of the session. Takes about a week for all the images to be custom processed and we will call you to arrange pick-up. Thanks for considering us for your engagement or bridal photography needs. 423-553-7360.

Dear John & Cherry,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did photographing our wedding! We had such a blast working with you. You were so professional in giving us just what we wanted out of our wedding photography. Thanks for making the day even more special! We love our magazine album...I am so particular about photography and there just couldn't be a better compilation of photos. Each shot really captured the emotion and excitement of the day. We just wish we could have you photograph all our special moments.

Thanks so much,
M & R Stalnaker

Dear John & Cherry,

Thank you for the wonderful job you did with our wedding and engagement pics. We appreciate your patience and are thrilled with our pictures. It was truly a pleasure working with you.

Laura & Craig Mobley