We optionally provide wedding albums and custom processed and textured photographs made on professional photographic lustre paper. Our prices include basic retouch per your instructions. We also guarantee photographs purchased from us against fading and color changes. If you were to see any such changes, return to us for free replacement.

These are all professional quality photographic products made by a professional photo lab. Our labs do NOT charge us membership fees or commissions as a few labs do their professional photographer customers. We pass this savings to you.

Eight Wallets Same Pose
4x6 $3.00
5x7 $5.00
8x10 $10.00
11x14 $15.00
11x14 Mounted 1/4 " Foam Board $25.00
11x14 Canvas Stretcher Frame $65.00
11x14 Canvas Masonite Mount $55.00
16x20 $30.00
16x20 Mounted 1/4" Foam Board $40.00
16x20 Canvas Stretcher Frame $85.00
16x20 Canvas Masonite Mount $80.00
20x24 Mounted 1/4" Foam Board $60.00
20x24 Canvas Stretcher Frame $100.00
20x24 Canvas Masonite Mount $90.00
24x36 Mounted 1/4" Foam Board $100.00
56 Wallet Special Same Pose $25.00
Each Still Shot Added to Ceremony Only Video For Optional Slide Show $0.50

Movie Poster measures 24" x 36"
(for our customers only)

DVD Magazine Style Wedding Album $50.
Each Magazine Style PAGE We Design With Customer Participation & Email Proof $10 per PAGE with 1 Email Proof & 1 Change