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Photo Retouching Services Chattanooga

We provide photo retouching services to the general public. You may email your image to us or use our uploader. Our retouching services starts at $5 per image. Email us first with your image to describe what you want done so we may verify whether it is within our abilities. If so, we will send you a PayPal email payment request. Once paid, we will perform the retouch and make the finished image available to you for downloading from our Dropbox.


Photo Retouching Included In All Wedding DVD Packages

Photo Retouching Services Chattanooga Tennessee

With every wedding photography DVD package we include up to one minute of photo retouching services at time of post-production processing. This one minute of "basic retouch" is provided at photographer's discretion and most often takes care of the different little problems needed to create "finished" images. First image on the left above illustrates.

However, some people prefer even more retouching. The second image above was done in two minutes and may include retouch instructions provided by client. The third image on far right was done in three minutes and may also include retouch instructions provided by client. We generally do not advise so much retouching as this may cause human subjects to start looking fake and obviously retouched. These samples above are only being shown so you may see just how much retouching we are capable of providing you. We have over 25 years of retouching experience.

We Want Your Day-Of Wedding Photography To Be Real

Photo Retouch Example


Incidently, this is why our wedding photography style does not consist of "directing" so much of your wedding day. We prefer not to guide you, your family and friends, wedding party and others through a long series of poses. We prefer to faithfully capture your wedding day as it naturally unfolds and deliver as many spontaneous and genuine interaction images as possible. Of course, we do set up formal posing for groups. But we really prefer not to direct your wedding day as though it is a movie production. We have seen photographers and videographers do this throughout the wedding day. You can easily end up with a wedding album or lots of photos which are all contrived. When the bride & groom and others view those images, they remember how the images were simply set-up and NOT real and spontaneous - "fake".




We Promise NOT To Use Your Wedding Day To Expand Our Portfolio

We have been professionally photographing weddings for over 30 years. We are not hurting for wedding photography samples. There are new wedding photographers who have been known to go through so many posing and set-ups on the Wedding Day that the bride & groom hardly make it to the reception. We've heard a few stories of them not making it until the reception nearly ends! We promise not to make you run late. We can tell you after years of our experiences, over 85% of the time running late is caused by insufficient time for hair and make-up for the bride and bridesmaids. Also the bride is the person most often who should get completely ready first - for photography.



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