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Serious amateur photographers with digital SLR cameras are invited to join our photography/portrait club based in Chattanooga Tennessee. We offer:

* Photoshop CS3 training. * Multiple flash studio lighting techniques and determining proper light ratios. * Studio rental so club members may schedule portrait sessions for their own family and friends. * Hundreds of digital backgrounds and how to apply them. * Magazine style album design and album assembly. * Color photographic printers in studio so club members may print their own color wall portraits before they leave the studio and at special low members only pricing. * Wedding photography training. * Studio portraiture training. * No annual membership fees. * No commitments. * Pay as you. * Each lesson jam-packed with straight to the point key knowledge and hands on learning.

When club members complete all training, they should be able to create professional quality images. Club members may schedule training and studio rental with John at their own pace. Train with John alone or with others in a small class environment. CLUB MEMBERS LOGIN IN

Club membership requires a one time fee of $25.00 to cover training material expenses. There is a $20 an hour fee each time you reserve John and the studio for your training classes. (Two club members at the same time $15 an hour each). Our photography club provides serious amateur photographers the opportunity to improve and hone their skills by actually working along side a pro photographer.

Save family and friends hundreds of dollars in portrait fees they would have to pay at cookie cutter studios. Know someone getting married? Save them upwards of thousands of dollars by shooting their wedding yourself as a wedding gift. Our club members even get professional brand name wedding albums at wholesale prices. Want to make a little extra money on the side doing photography? Rent our studio weekdays for just $20 an hour. You may even use one of our Canon 5D SLR 12.8 megapixel cameras in the studio at no extra charge.

Call John at 423-553-7360 or email for more information.

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