Here are examples of images as they may come directly from a digital camera. Move your pointer over each image to view the digitally mastered version.

Digitally mastering your images from your engagement and bridal sessions and of the Wedding Day is a tedious and time-consuming task. For this reason and to provide the best customer service and timely delivery of products, WE LIMIT OURSELVES TO SHOOTING ONLY THREE WEDDINGS PER CALENDAR MONTH. If you are considering us, please contact us soon to arrange the best time for a no-obligation consultation. 423-553-7360

Retouched flash glare and retouched blemishes.

Basic retouch included at the photographer's discretion based on his/her photoshop retouch skills. Of course, every minute your photographer spends providing basic retouch to take shine off of faces, is less time your photographers will have to provide creative photoshop to various images from your Wedding Day. Also we do not retouch a face which does not occupy no more than 10% of the image area. This usually applies to groups of 5 or more people or other distant shots. Most pro photo labs also have this retouch policy or similar policies. For this reason, if shine on faces is something you want to avoid, we recommend having paper towels and tissues available as well as make-up being worn that is not shiny. Also someone should be appointed on the Wedding Day to make sure air conditioning is turned on a few hours before pictures are to start to also help reduce or avoid shine on skin. In any case, we just want you to know there are conditions and limitations to the retouch work we automatically provide to images on the DVDs.

The price we charge for Wedding Day DVDs includes a little basic retouching to all images. (The vast majority of labs charge $5 to $6 for basic retouch to a single face and the faces MUST occupy at least 50% of the image which makes the basic retouch included with your DVD Collections a very valuable service). If we had to provide extensive retouch to even half the images, our price for wedding photography would have to be considerably higher. We therefore provide basic retouch on all images at our own discretion for the maximum balance of quality and price. Any extensive retouch desired will incur additional fees IF we have the skills to provide it. (Our pricing for prints and album pages include additional basic retouch as requested and as long as it is within our photoshop skills). Retouch services, just like services provided by any other service business, is not unlimited or without conditions or limitations. With this in mind, we provide you suggestions to help minimize your need for retouch work during your engagement, bridal session and on your Wedding Day so you will get your DVD collections faster and with more creative photoshop images.


The stained glass window was dark during the evening Ceremony.  The bride preferred the stained glass lit, so I lit it up for her.

The stained glass window was dark during the evening Ceremony. The bride preferred the stained glass lit, so I lit it up for her.



Corrected color imbalance in background.

Removed flash reflection off bridesmaids skin, removed man from pew and decreased exposure on bride.

To ask the gentleman in the pew to move would have meant restaging the bride and bridesmaids coming back down the aisle again which would have taken time and we would lose the spontaneous action of the true shot.

Tilting the image for a different composition is easier to do and maintain the image quality when the bride has the 21 megapixel PHOTO QUALITY images on DVDs.

Photographer has you seeing yellow? We provide professional quality photo processing of all images in your designer DVD Collection! The technical quality of your professional photographs should NOT look like snapshots by your family and friends. Say no to yellow and many other photo problems when you receive your 21 megapixel retouched images on your DVDs.

BEFORE: Yellow color imbalance of lights in the sanctuary is NOT how this beautiful location actually appeared. We correct all white balance and perform other processing tasks on all images you receive. AFTER: Professional quality wedding photography is achieved with professional quality Photoshop processing.


Even completely change the background when necessary.

Changing the composition by tilting and zooming in are easy to do when the bride has the 21 megapixel images on DVDs. She does not have to be concerned with image quality deterioration as she would with lower megapixel count images. This can be especially important in magazine style page designing so that only the bride's imagination is the limit.

Portrait Printer

We have a portrait printer for printing large wall portraits and our popular panoramic signature mats. Often the days leading up to the Wedding Day get hectic. With our portrait printer we can take your order for photographs even up to the day before the big day and have them printed in time to share with family and friends. Every size from wallets to 16" x 20" wall portraits.

No matter which Wedding Day DVD Collection is selected, we optionally provide wedding albums and custom processed and textured photographs made on professional photographic lustre paper. Includes basic retouch per your instructions. We also guarantee photographs purchased from us against fading and color changes. If you were to see any such changes, return to us for free replacement.

These are all professional quality photographic products made by a professional photo lab. Our labs do NOT charge us membership fees or commissions as a few labs do their professional photographer customers. We pass this savings to you.

Eight Wallets Same Pose
4x6 $2.00
5x7 $3.00
8x10 $7.00
11x14 $12.00
11x14 Mounted 1/4 " Foam Board $20.00
11x14 Canvas Stretcher Frame $60.00
11x14 Canvas Masonite Mount $50.00
16x20 $25.00
16x20 Mounted 1/4" Foam Board $35.00
16x20 Canvas Stretcher Frame $80.00
16x20 Canvas Masonite Mount $75.00
20x24 Mounted 1/4" Foam Board $55.00
20x24 Canvas Stretcher Frame $100.00
20x24 Canvas Masonite Mount $90.00
24x36 Mounted 1/4" Foam Board $100.00
56 Wallet Special Same Pose $25.00
Each Still Shot Added to Ceremony Only Video For Optional Slide Show $0.50


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