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Baby Portraits

Fine Art Photographic Portraiture

We photograph babies, children, child, family, maternity, high school senior and groups up to ten. All portrait sessions are provided by private appointment. To provide the very best studio experience, we do not accept walk-ins. We are a full-time portrait studio operation.

Package A Session for up to one hour, eight poses, one clothing change, up to ten people. You receive the best 30 full resolution, custom retouched and copyright released JPEGs delivered the same day via our Dropbox. $199.95

Package B Session is for you if you prefer to receive photographic portraits instead of digital files. Up to one hour, eight poses, one clothing change, up to ten people. You receive 30 digital proofs (perfect for internet - 4"x6" at Quality "5", 72dpi) delivered to you via our online Dropbox the same day. From these digital proofs you may order your finished photographic portraits with a portrait print credit of eight 8x10 units with full resolution quality. $99.95

Upgrade Your Portrait Session

Sometimes to create the perfect portrait does take extra time. This is most often true when photographing groups of younger children. For example, to capture that perfect shot of four or more children ages 2, 4, 5 and 6 at the same perfect moment can sometimes require more time. Extra time is all it takes. You might even want extra images and sometimes you would just want the extra time added to your session. We offer you the flexibility to upgrade the services you receive during your portrait session so you will receive the Portrait Session that is just right for you. Portrait Print Unit credits are not included with Portrait Session services upgrade.

Add 30 minutes extra time $29.95
Add 30 minutes extra time & up to 3 additional poses/up to 12 additional images $69.95
Add 60 minutes extra time $59.95
Add 60 minutes extra time & up to 6 additional poses/up to 24 additional images $119.95
Add 60 minutes extra time for outdoor portrait session $99.95
Apply Theme Style (Newspaper Boy, Spilled Paint, Cowboy, Race Car Driver, Gone Fishin’, Baseball Player) & Add 60 minutes. $99.95
Apply "Kim Anderson" Style (Black & White Sepia with Color Splash & Costume Attire for Children) & Add 60 minutes. $99.95

Portrait Club Studios Archival M-Disc

Archival M-Disc of Portrait Session
NOTE: If Package A Session you will receive the Hi-Res JPEGs on disc . If Package B Session you will receive the Low-Res JPEGs on disc. $9.95

If you had a Package B Session but want the Hi-Res JPEGs on disc, the price is $199.95 to upgrade to full resolution JPEGs and includes your Archival M-Disc. Yes, even if you had upgraded your portrait session services to include additional poses & images, you still pay the flat rate for your Portrait Session M-Disc. But you don't have to worry about the Hi-Res JPEGs. We archivally store them at the studio and back-up using online services so you may order portraits with next business day delivery at our studio. Next business day portraits are inkjet printed at 2880 x 2019 dpi.

Portrait Print Units

Why Portrait Print Units? Makes it easier to design your own print package. Your 8x10 print units may be applied as follows to help you to create your own customized portrait packages. All printed portraits ordered from us receive extra special photo shop and other enhancements per the photographer's creative discretion and according to customer requests:

One 8x10 Unit = 1 8x10 portrait Two 8x10 Units = One 11x14 portrait
One 8x10 Unit = Two 5x7 portraits (same pose) Four 8x10 Units = One Mounted 16x20 portrait
One 8x10 Unit = Four 4x5 portraits (same pose) Six 8x10 Units = One Mounted 20x24 portrait
One 8x10 Unit = Sheet of Eight Wallets (same pose) Ten 8x10 Units = One Mounted 24x30 portrait
Units are $9.95 each
Package of 10 Units & Save 20% - $79.60. Additional Units $7.96 each
baby portraits

Our Portrait Studio Policies:

  • No sitting fees.
  • No clothing change fees.
  • No fees for extra subjects.
  • We are happy to reschedule if little one needs a better day.
  • No high pressure sales tactics.
  • All portraits custom retouched at photographer's discretion at no additional charge. Includes basic facial retouching and air brushing and delivered to you with our online Dropbox.
  • You may optionally order up to 24 x 30 size textured & mounted portraits for pick-up at the studio by the next business day.
  • We never double-book. You will never feel rushed.
  • We have bubbles, music and other fun things to help us enjoy a great portrait session together.

We also offer gallery wrap wall portraits, framed panoramic portrait collages, canvas textured portraits, customized wallets, Christmas cards, professionally designed portrait books, metalic and more.

Price List with entire range of our photo products and services available in the studio reception room as you enter through the front door.

Toddler Portrait

We Pay Attention To The Little Things Because They Can Make Such A Difference . . .

We offer free parking right up to the studio front door entrance.

We have both male and female photographers. Tell us if your child has a preference and we will schedule accordingly.

Please let us know if assistance in our parking lot will be helpful. We will send someone out to help you into the studio; also after conclusion of your portrait session.

We also offer baby changing station and dressing room.

Paying attention to all the little things will help ensure you enjoy a great portrait studio experience & receive portraits you will Love!


1505 Adair Avenue East Ridge, TN 37412
Portrait Studio Camera Room
Portrait Club Studios Floor Plan

Portrait Club Studios Floor Plan

When you come back to pick-up your portrait print package, we will meet with you in the Reception Room. We'll look through your portrait package together to be sure you have received your order accurately and completely. Of course, we will check ourselves before notifying you they are ready to help avoid any unexpected surprises.

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