I'm now accepting raw files mailed to me on DVDs for custom processing.  Your images can even be placed online for viewing, purchased by your customers and complete package fulfillment with orders shipped to you or directly to your customers.

Our best customers are busy wedding photographers tired of sitting in front of their computers processing their raw files and not having time to perform other business tasks or not having as much time for family and friends.

Imagine just shooting weddings . . . then your done.

On your very first order with us, save 50% on the first 500 raw files we process for you!

Raw Photo Processing

We provide custom RAW processing of all DSLR still cameras files mailed to us on DVDs. We create JPEGs and then tweak the JPEGs in photoshop CS3 for best exposure, white balance, contrast, color balance and tone. We save JPEGs and burn to DVD to ship back to you at 300 pixels per inch, level "10" baseline standard JPEG, a valid ICC profile embedded in the sRGB working colorspace. The JPEGs are provided basic retouch in the form of minimizing or completely removing flash glare off skin, minimizing acne, minimizing or removing eye glass glare, removing up to 5 dust specks per image if present and more. We ship out within 24 hours of receipt. We charge .20¢ per file.

If you would like all the JPEGs burned to LightScribe designer DVDs and placed in black padded album for presentation to customers, just add $15. For FORTY side 11x14 Renaissance magazine style album, add $300.

Call 423-553-7360 or email for more information about sending your first order.

DVD Package

We accept all major credit cards.